Sunday, February 5, 2017

Baby's Funny Dance Moves

Its been 4 months since i did not see this cutie. I miss her so much. I just keep on watching her videos on my phone. It makes me smile hehe. Look her dance moves, its so cute right?

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Edhrey Mae's First Birthday

OMG its been a while since my last post. I had been so busy from the past months and I don't have a time to visit this page. Anyways since its her first Birthday so here i am posting LOL.

Dear Mae-mae, you are one of the greatest gift we have in our lives (you have 3 siblings, and a lot of cousins, but you are the only one i had witnessed since you were in your mum's womb till you came out to this world) you bring color to our lives, to all of us. You make us laugh everyday of our lives, you made me go home early from work. I never forget the first day i saw you coming out from your mother's womb covered by blood that makes me run and faint (uggghhh im afraid of blood). Your mommy was so brave bringing you alone all by herself ohh well with the doc and midwife. Your dad wasn't there only me your tita who's afraid of blood so i cant get near to your mum. When you are all clean i heard you crying, you must be hungry and your mum is sleeping dead due to some anesthesia that she had, i dont know what to do, the nurse asked me to made milk for you but the water we brought is not for a new born baby. I went outside looking for water but its past 12mn and only few stores open. I beg for water at the store who have a months old baby, i am about to cry, and they gave me.

I was like a mother to you. I woke up when i heard you cry. We had so much sleepless night, but its okay ☺☺♥♥♥. I remember one time you were crying so hard and we dont know what happened and what to do. I told your mum to bring you to the hospital and your mum said if the doc will ask what happened we just maybe answer that you dont stop crying LOL. I was about to cry as well as your cry was so insane like you felt pain, and i remember to put oil on your ears, maybe something was getting in, the baby oil was so sealed and i cant open. I ran to the kitchen and get a cooking oil and put in your ears and in a minute you stop crying. OMG hahahaha We Love you so much Mae-mae keep being a happy, jolly, hyper and loving kid!!

Maybe one day you will read this and said ..ohhh nakakatawa kayo tita hahahah

Here are the photos from your first birthday!

so tired after the party.. sleeping beauty

your birthday cake, this is so expensive (2,400 pesos)

some of the foods, there are a lot but  we are hungry so did not took photos of other viand

The Venue in Causeway Seafoods and Chinese Restaurant 


that face.. haha new haircut

wake you up early in the morning to smash your cake before i leave to work

fitting your dress a day before your birthday, you really dont like your dress you keep crying huhuhu

so hard to take a good photo of you during the mini photoshoot session arrange by me ahihihi

see that look, you are about to cry in that

And the rest of the mini photo shoot LOL